Biominceur Home Care Trio Set

The Biominceur Trio is scientifically formulated to enhance and maintain the results after the Biominceur Spa Treatment. The Trio can be used on its own without having a spa treatment and will give great results, however the results are more dramatic when combined with the Spa treatment.

*One weeks’ use of the Biominceur Trio = One Professional Treatment.


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Biominceur Home Care Trio Set


1. Active Gel (100ml)

The ACTIVE GEL reduces the appearance of cellulite dramatically, it acts on the skins’ firmness and induces fat burning, which directly targets those unsightly fatty deposits. It has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates the lymphatic system, activates the elimination of fat and enhances weight loss.

HOW TO USE: Start by gently applying ACTIVE GEL with both hands and massage with moderate pressure, pushing fingers towards the thumbs.


2. Active Cream (100ml)

The ACTIVE CREAM offers a dramatic breakthrough in the reduction of rebel fat from the hips, stomach, waist and arms. The stomach appears flatter and firmer. The ACTIVE CREAM also targets cellulite and enhances weight loss. This slimming and contouring cream is an advanced treatment that also improves the appearance of stretch marks.

HOW TO USE: Use circular movement to spread ACTIVE CREAM onto stomach, waist and arms, as well as areas with stretch marks. Massage with moderate pressure, using both hands. Gently massage the abdomen, simultaneously with the palm of both hands, from the bottom to the top.


3. Ultra Effect Gel (100ml)

The ULTRA EFFECT GEL is extremely effective at slimming and enhancing weight loss. It improves circulation, has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the feeling of “Heavy Legs”. This gel, when combined with the ACTIVE GEL & ACTIVE CREAM, helps you achieve firm, toned skin with a marked reduction in the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and fat deposits. It helps to reduce the formation of new adipocytes, inhibits fat synthesis and boosts the elimination of fat with its draining action.

HOW TO USE: Gently apply ULTRA EFFECT GEL with both hands and massage with moderate pressure for 3 – 4 minutes.

Push fingers towards the thumbs. Wash hands after application.


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Biominceur Home Care Trio


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