Fransolet Distributors places a high level of importance on our relationships with beauty professionals and their clients and strive to guarantee 100% product satisfaction. All therapists are thoroughly trained in the technical aspects of the products so that they can best understand their use and maximise their effects. We offer full training at our office in Centurion on a monthly basis for all professional therapists. Annual Refresher training is recommended. 

Please note that some training has a nominal training charge that covers the product used during training.  We do NOT provide training to someone who is not a client, or who does not meet the minimum criteria.


We look forward to amaze and delight with you with our products and brands, either over the phone or at our fully equipped showroom and product training centre in Centurion, on appointment. Our office hours are from Monday to Thursday 08:00 to 16:00 and on Fridays from 08:00 to 14:00, and both personal and telephonic appointments must be booked in advance.

Please note that we do not do any demonstrations, and does not give away samples.

We do however have regular training and information sessions at our training centre in Centurion, and you are very welcome to make an arrangement to visit us, or to set up a meeting appointment.  


“These products are so easy to incorporate in your daily routine, and the results are great!

In 10 days, my skin tone, circulation and cellulite improved significantly, and I could see how my body started getting shape again. I noticed that my skin was feeling soft, hydrated and looked healthy.

I also felt more energetic, lighter and I even slept better. 

I really like these products, and can recommend it.”

“I travel a lot, and as a result struggle to stick to a diet and really my time is so limited. My therapist suggested I try the Mooi Minceur set to detox and improve my cellulite.

After the second day, I already felt a difference and I could see that my cellulite, stretch marks and skin tone improved. I love the fact that these products are easy to use, as part of my daily routine.

I use the 250ml set at home and wil never travel again without my 100ml set with me.”

“I started using the Mooi Minceur set with the body wash, oil and lotion, and in just 7 days, I have lost 2.6kg!

Together with these products, I have just followed a healthy eating plan, that I have used before, but I never got such great results in the same time frame! 

My skin felt soft, and I could definitely see a huge improvement in my skin tone and cellulite. These products has definitely made the world of difference. “