What makes our peels different, is that we understand that not each and every skin, especially sensitive and reactive skins, can tolerate Glycolic acid. Because we know that chronic, low grade inflammation, due to various contributing factors, such as free radical activity and elemental exposure, is the root cause of ageing on a cellular level, all our peels consist of a cocktail of Alpha Hydroxy- and Poly Hydroxy (the ‘medical’ acid) acids, with Lactic acid being the highest percentage.

Spa Solutions Derma-Cosmeceutical products addresses the most common skin problems:

ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE – Ageing and Premature ageing

ACNE & ACNE PRONE SKIN – Extraordinary results

HYPER PIGMENTATION – Smooth out uneven skin condition

Spa solutions Group Acne 7
Spa solutions Group Environmental Damage 11
Spa solutions Group Whitening 2

Our product range consists of both a Professional and home care Retail product range, packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, offering natural skin peeling by using fruit acids and Poly Hydroxy Acids – the very best mother nature has to offer!

Our Scientific approach and principles are our only benchmark and underlie our selection of active ingredients. Advanced, multi-active Formulations, incorporating botanical extracts, fruit and fruit acid actives, aromatherapy oils, peptides, anti- oxidants, vitamins and stem cells, makes our product formulations cutting edge and a cut above the norm.


“The Spa Solutions Eye Zone Wrinkle Filler has changed the way I look at ANY eye cream!! 

It takes years off the face and turns back time!! Best of all, it lasts!

Also, the Anti-Red serum is a miracle in a bottle, in fact, my clients love all these little aromasential serums you call natures miracle workers!

The fact that the professional medical peels consistently give excellent results, with no downtime is absolutely fabulous!”

“I use Biominceur, 5D from Paris and the Medical Peels from Spa Solutions in my aesthetic practice.

I love all these products as they deliver consistently good results, are of a very high quality and the highly professional service, training and support from Tanya and Dineo are brilliant. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them.

I can recommend these products and recommend doing business with Fransolet Distributors.”

“I’m truly impressed with my Spa Solutions Peptide Collagen Plumper serum. On the first day I thought that it may be my imagination, but after only two days I was already a believer!! 🙂

Actually, tried to take a close up pic on the first evening, but the pixel quality disappointed.) Ps. It didn’t pass me by that you did not flinch at all when I adamantly stated that “going forward I insist on lasting effects and products that actually work. I completely know why! I hit a home run and I’ll be back for more 😀 xx”