Biominceur is an award winning, results driven Slimming Body Wrap treatment, produced in France by Provence Cosmetics, exclusively for Professional Spas and Salons. Due to South African regulations, Provence Cosmetics, partnering with Fransolet Distributors, decided to market Bioslimming body wrap as Biominceur body wrap in South Africa. The product is labelled and shipped out of Provence Cosmetics’ factory in France, as Biominceur and is in no way or form altered. Biominceur body wrap IS Bioslimming body wrap!

Biominceur uses high concentrations of high quality active ingredients including essential oils, algae, caffeine, as well as both hot and cold thermo-agents. Unlike traditional wraps you do not require to be wrapped in bandages, and no shower, exfoliation or compression is needed. The benefits of the treatment includes an average cm loss of 1 – 4 cm per measured area, a reduction in the appearance of cellulite and fat deposits. Biominceur also detoxifies your body, stimulates the lymphatic system, slims, firms and tones. Your skin will feel softer and you will experience an improvement in the appearance of stretch marks and a reduction in fluid retention particularly in the lower legs. Biominceur also reduces the appearance of varicose, thread and spider veins and burns calories for two hours. The slimming and fat burning process continues to work for 12 hours following application.

In short, Biominceur creates visible results for your client that are instant and long lasting. 


"I use Biominceur, in my aesthetic practice. If a client wants a slimming solution that really works, this is my recommendation. I have never had a client that did not get results after a Biominceur treatment. I love that fact that we can make such an amazing impact in a clients' life, with so little effort. And that Biominceur is a non-invasive treatment, with no down time. Safe to use, easy, no mess and no fuss. I am so happy to have been a stockist of Biominceur for so long."
Salon Owner
"These wraps are amazing! It is a fabulous product to work with, easy to use, and the results our clients are getting is absolutely fantastic. Biominceur has added so much value to our Spa and it has given us the opportunity to change the lives of our clients. They really do keep coming back again and again! We love working with Biominceur, and we have always received professional, friendly and exceptional customer service from the team at Fransolet Distributors."
Salon Owner
"We have been offering Biominceur slimming wraps at our spas since 2012, and we can truly say with confidence that there just is not a better slimming treatment or product on the market. Our clients love the immediate and noticeable results after each Biominceur treatment. The training and support we have received from Fransolet Distributors to date, is beyond expectation, and we are very happy to be partnering with such a reputable and professional supplier."
Salon Owner