Shape Gel No 1

No 1 - Activate the Slimming Process

Activate Slimming with Biominceur No 1 Shape Gel.

It reduces toxins and other waste matter in bodily fluids. Improves blood circulation, helps burn excess fat, tones the body and softens the skin, while stimulating lymph drainage thus reducing fluid retention and detoxifying the skin. It activates and helps with the quick penetration of the active ingredients of the Active Gel and Active Cream applied on top of this product.

Active Gel No 2

No 2 - Focus on Cellulite & Fat Burning

Focus on slimming and improving cellulite with Biominceur No 2 Active Gel.

Get visible long-lasting results from the first treatment. The function of this product is to break down cellulite and fat, and to smooth out the orange peel skin. It also increase blood flow through cellulite prone areas and facilitates the burning of fat in the adjoining areas

Active Cream No 3

No 3 - Reduce Fat & Improve Stretch Marks

Reduce fat and improve stretch marks with Biominceur No 3 Active Cream.

This cream offers a dramatic breakthrough in the reduction of fat and cellulite from the thighs, buttocks, stomach, waist and arms. It also enhances weight loss, improves appearance of varicose veins, helps with stretch marks, and give a smooth, toned appearance to the skin.

Ultra Effect Gel No4

No 4 - Fat Burning & Lymphatic Draining

Prolong the fat burning process for 12 hours after treatment with Biominceur No 4 Ultra Effect Gel.

This cold tonic gel is an excellent slimming and anti-cellulite treatment. It reduces the feeling of “heavy” legs, improves circulation and is a good anti-inflammatory. It further more improves firming and eliminates excess fat deposits and cellulite, helps with the fat burning process and minimizes the appearance of lumpy skin, improves skin texture, helps with stretch marks, varicose veins, spider veins and capillary redness, targets the micro-circulation and increases lymphatic drainage!


“I lost a total of 15 cm on my tummy and legs!! After just one treatment!! I could definitely see that my cellulite improved significantly. My thighs are more defined, and my tummy almost completely flat! I am so happy!”

“Biominceur … I only have ONE word to describe it …


No, wait, make that TWO more words …

and AMAZING!!”

“After 6 magnificent Biominceur treatments, I can confidently rock my little shorts again! My cellulite is almost non-existent, my stretch marks improved so much that they are hardly visible, and my skin is firm and healthy!”