Fransolet Distributors places a high level of importance on our relationships with beauty professionals and their clients and strive to guarantee 100% product satisfaction. All therapists are thoroughly trained in the technical aspects of the products so that they can best understand their use and maximise their effects. We offer full Biominceur training, at no charge, at our office in Centurion on a monthly basis for all professional therapists.  Annual refresher training on Biominceur is compulsory.

Please note that training for Biominceur is free of charge, if you are a client (i.e. bought the products for which you receive training).  We do NOT provide training to someone who is not a client, or who does not meet the minimum criteria.


Please note that we do not do any demonstrations.

We do however have regular training sessions on Biominceur at our training centre in Centurion, and you are very welcome to make an arrangement to attend the practical part of the training, to see for yourself how the product works.  We also have numerous client testimonies, references, scientific proof and photo proof about the effectiveness of Biominceur.  


“I have been a therapist since 1984 and I have seen slimming treatments come and go, so I was quite skeptical when I tried Biominceur. However, I have to say, Biminceur slimming wrap is possibly the best cm loss system I have ever tried! The treatment is incredibly easy to do  and gives amazing results. My colleague lost 20 cm from her waistline in one session. Amazing! As a salon owner, I know a good treatment when I see one and I am definitely taking on this treatment for my clients.”
– Angela Bartlett Health & Beauty, Wild Boar Hotel, Cheshire

“As a therapist I continually search for high performance products and treatments that really make a difference to clients’ health and well-being. I always steered away from the traditional wraps feeling the majority of them compress fat and eliminate fluid only. So when I came across Biominceur slimming wraps I had set very high requirements from the treatment – in short if products don’t deliver then I won’t endorse them in my clinic. However, Biominceur is a revolutionary product in my opinion. It relaxes the client, improves cellulite, naturally suppresses appetite and most importantly, reduces cms. All of my clients have had fantastic results. This is my most requested treatment with client satisfaction guaranteed.”

“ON A PERSONAL NOTE: This is one of the most pleasant, almost indulging slimming treatments known. Substantial centimetre loss and improved skin texture were immediately noted. It was a relaxing, quick, no mess treatment and I definitely experienced a remarkable increase in energy after every treatment, despite this not been mentioned in the literature. I am glad the number of wraps is not limited, because I would comfortably enjoy a wrap a week!”
– Dr Nadine de Freitas, Editor Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Magazine South Africa