Provence Cosmetics, a dynamic French Company located in South of France, offers a new concept in skincare and body care, based on high quality and fast results using natural active ingredients. Provence offer technologically advanced professional spa treatments for salon owners, therapists and their clients.

Provence Cosmetics researchers have always based part of their work on Biotechnology finding natural complexes to create plant-based and essential oil based products that have innovative performances, with the goal of respecting environmental issues. The Provence Cosmetics laboratory develops products which are completely unique and without comparison on the market. They develop products of optimal safety, and none of their methods involve testing on animals.

Ever conscious of the challenges in running a beauty business Provence Cosmetics wants to provide specialists/therapists with the best products possible combining the best from science and nature and believes that this has been achieved in the Provence range. We place a high level of importance in its relationships with beauty professionals and their clients and strive to guarantee 100% product satisfaction. All therapists are thoroughly trained in the technical aspects of the products so that they can best understand their use and maximise their effects.

Consumer safety is our main priority at Provence Cosmetics. All Provence Cosmetics products meet or exceed industry standards for stability, package compatibility, and efficiency. All our products has been subject to challenge test, patch test, test usage. Provence Cosmetics is in full compliance with the European Union Cosmetic Directive, Directive 76/768/CE, IFRA ‘s recommendations, the standards ISO 22716 and the requirements for safety in all of the countries in which our products are sold. Each ingredient used in our products has been thoroughly reviewed and tested by toxicology center, physicians and pharmacists.


"I am a cancer survivor. After my chemo treatments, my skin was very dry and sensitive, I looked tired, with dark circles around my eyes. My skin was not in a good condition. My therapist recommended 5D From Paris facials, and the results have been amazing! The dark circles are lighter, I have less wrinkles and my skin is looking radiant. I love this treatment!"
Rachel Du Toit
“There’s a reason the 5D Excellency Gommage Facial is known in the industry as the Hollywood Glow – I had my treatment on a Friday morning and from the moment I left the Chabella Spa I’ve had so many complements, even from complete strangers telling me that I seem to be glowing from the inside.”
Sharon Davies
"After my 5D from Paris Facial, my skin felt amazingly soft to the touch and the expression lines (I’m sensitive about the word wrinkles, okay?) around my eyes looked noticeably fewer and less deep. The 5D facial is a must for anyone who wants to look younger, without the pain and the recovery time of a chemical peel."
Jessica Coetzee
Marketing Manager