5D from Paris is a phenomenal anti-ageing treatment, produced in France by Provence Cosmetics, exclusively for Professional Spas and Salons. It is being distributed by Fransolet Distributors in South Africa.

Transform your skin in just 60 minutes!!

Get a vibrant youthful look with the 5D From Paris anti-ageing facial, from Provence Cosmetics, France. This phenomenal anti-ageing treatment combines exfoliation and massage to smooth out the lines, decrease age spots while brightening the complexion!

The treatment will repair damages caused by the sun and will nourish and deeply re-hydrate the epidermis, while removing dry, dull skin and evening out tone, and reduce pore size.  It will also generate new collagen, reduce pigment production, get rid of dark spots and early wrinkling. The skin will be smoother, nourished and renewed by 45%!

You deal with an AWARD- WINNING Cosmetic Manufacturer

Easy to market results driven treatment

Real, visible results that your clients will instantly notice

Only 60 minute complete treatment time

NO down time

NO expensive machines needed

NO electricity needed … SO … bring it on load-shedding!

You will be partnering with a reputable supplier

You will get excellent service and training

Relaxing Spa Pampering RESULTS DRIVEN Anti-Ageing treatment


With the 5D from Paris Facial, you will notice instant visible results which will increase over the following 24 hours. You will notice how your skin is noticeably younger, brighter & more radiant.

The treatment will repair damage caused by the sun, will nourish and deeply re-hydrate the epidermis. It will also:

  • Decrease Fine Lines and wrinkles (visual, depth, volume, mean global amplitude and mean amplitude)
  • Lift Effect + action of the pro vitamin A
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Generates a youthful, glowing appearance
  • Lightens the complexion
  • Eliminates all dead cells

This paraben-free in-salon treatment brings an efficient answer to skin aging. It has anti-wrinkle, lightening, oxygenating, hydrating and skin regenerating effects. Skin will look noticeably younger! One of the principal assets of the Facial is its capacity to answer the basic skin needs such as Cellular nutrition, Free radicals fighting (induced by ultraviolet rays) and Cellular stimulation.


"I am a cancer survivor. After my chemo treatments, my skin was very dry and sensitive, I looked tired, with dark circles around my eyes. My skin was not in a good condition. My therapist recommended 5D From Paris facials, and the results have been amazing! The dark circles are lighter, I have less wrinkles and my skin is looking radiant. I love this treatment!"
Rachel Du Toit
“There’s a reason the 5D Excellency Gommage Facial is known in the industry as the Hollywood Glow – I had my treatment on a Friday morning and from the moment I left the Chabella Spa I’ve had so many complements, even from complete strangers telling me that I seem to be glowing from the inside.”
Sharon Davies
"After my 5D from Paris Facial, my skin felt amazingly soft to the touch and the expression lines (I’m sensitive about the word wrinkles, okay?) around my eyes looked noticeably fewer and less deep. The 5D facial is a must for anyone who wants to look younger, without the pain and the recovery time of a chemical peel."
Jessica Coetzee
Marketing Manager